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This reliable, affordable and high quality bidet has been designed specifically for all Australians. The N1000 is one of the best value bidets with a remote control on the Australian market due to its price, design and ingenuity. This bidet incorporates many features that you may not find in other bidets of this price range such as a premium stainless steel nozzle, a night light, and functions such as pulse, massage, enema and child. The N1000 comes with a simple, square, easy to use remote control.

The N1000 has a SWL of 130kg.


National is a proudly owned and operated Australian brand that was created in 2000.

The National Brand was created for the everyday Australian consumer and marketed at an affordable price. Due to its Korean ingenuity and design it is the one of the fastest selling bidets in the country. 

This dependable, economical, superior bidet was created for the everyday Australian family. The N1000 is the crown-jewel of the National Range due to its exceptional engineering and design. Incorporated in this bidet are standard features such as heated water, heated seat & a heated drier. It also includes more advanced features such as a stainless steel nozzle that automatically cleanses itself before and after each wash, a soft LED Night Light designed to light the bowl up for easier use during the night and wash functions such as massage, pulse, enema and child.

The easy to use square remote control can be handheld or wall mounted.

NOTE: This bidet can fit on either a fully concealed toilet that has no access to the seat bolts or a toilet that does have access to seat bolts

NOTE: When looking at the bidet/ toilet, the 1.5m power lead comes from the RHS and the water pipe comes from the LHS – THIS CANNOT BE CHANGED


Features Description
Additional Features
Remote Control All functions are managed from an easy to use, intuitive touch screen remote control which can be handheld or mounted on the wall.
Mini Side Control Puts some functions in a mini pad on the side of the seat – Power, Rear Cleansing & Nozzle Cleansing
Massage/Move Moves the nozzle forward and backward in a rhythmic action for a more thorough cleansing and stimulating wash.
Pulse The water sprays in a rhythmic pulsating action for a soothing stimulating wash.
Enema A pencil thin stream of soft aerated water is ideal for constipation. Use while trying to pass a bowel movement for the best results.
Child The child function reduces the pressure of the water to 50%.
Night Light The LED light is designed to light up the bowl making it easier to use at night. Can be turned on/off via remote
Standard Features
Heated Dryer Blows warm air to gently dry you after a wash and offers 5 temperature settings.
Heated Seat When sitting on the seat it will warm up to the desired temperature and offers 4 different temperature options (no heat + 3 heat settings).
Heated Water Cleanses with warm water and offers 4 temperature settings (no heat + 3 heat settings) and 5 water pressure settings.
Rear Cleansing This function is for washing the bottom area only.
Feminine Cleanse This feature is exclusively for women, to use for their vaginal area.
Fast Heating When a user activates the seat sensor the water begins to warm up. When the user presses a wash button the water is at the desired temperature before entering the nozzles.
Nozzles This bidet comes with a single hardened Stainless Steel Nozzle. This decreases soiling and bacterial growth whilst improving hygiene.
Nozzle Position Adjust The nozzle is adjustable to 5 different positions and should be adjusted to the correct position for washing.
Self Cleansing Nozzles Before and after each use of the nozzle, they automatically clean themselves to avoid cross contamination. There is also an additional manual button if they require additional cleaning.
Seat Sensor The moisture activated seat sensor is incorporated in the design to ensure that the bidet or automatic flushing functions can not be activated unless the seat is occupied. The seat sensor is located between 3 & 5 o’clock on the toilet seat.
Soft Close Seat & Lid Hydraulic dampers installed at the hinges allow the seat and lid to close softly.
Antibacterial Plastic The Bidet is made with antibacterial plastic to ensure the highest degree of hygiene & cleanliness.
Power Saving The Bidet senses when it is not occupied and will automatically go into “power save mode”. This function can be turned off and on.
Water Saving An average wash uses about a tea cup or two of water.
Quick Release This bidet has a quick release base plate on the bottom of the bidet to enable this bidet to be fitted to toilets that have access to seat bolts and toilets that are fully concealed. With the press of 1 or 2 buttons you can slide the bidet toward the front of the toilet for easy removal.


You must ensure that you have a tap on the wall, a powerpoint within 1.5 metres of the toilet & a plumber to complete your installation.

This bidet has a quick release base plate on the bottom of the bidet to enable this bidet to be fitted to toilets that have access to seat bolts and toilets that are fully concealed.

NOTE: You will need to know if your tap is located on the LHS, RHS or in your cistern when looking at your toilet. You will also need to know if you have access to the seat bolts. This knowledge is required as extra accessories for installation may need to be purchased.

NOTE: This bidet comes with both sets of bolts (top fixing & bottom fixing bolts)

Additional products that may be required:

  • If TAP is on RHS – 1m of ¼” White Pipe and 2x John Guest Adaptors is required
  • If TAP is in the Cistern – ½” Internal Fitting Kit 1x John Guest Adaptor & 1m of White Pipe is required
  • If installed on a bottom fixing toilet with arms/rails & 80mm spacer – Extension Brackets are required
  • If installed on a top fixing toilet with a 50mm spacer – Extra Long Top Fixing Bolts are required
  • If installed on a top fixing toilet with a 50mm Spacer and Arms/Rails – Extra Long Top Fixing Bolts are required
  • If installed on a top fixing toilet with an 80mm Spacer – Extra Long Top Fixing Bolts & Stabilisers are required
  • If installed on a top fixing toilet with an 80mm Spacer & Arms/Rails – Extra Long Top Fixing Bolts, Stabilisers and Extension Brackets are required


Measurements required in order for this bidet to fit onto your toilet

N1000 Regular Seat

A = 490mm or above

B = Between 135 – 195mm

C = 320mm or above

D = 410mm or above


A licensed plumber must install this retro-fit bidet in accordance with the Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA) and WMTS 051:2016 Bidet Douche Seats.

Plumbers: For Installation Guide please click here


1 year Limited Warranty

(1 Year Standard Manufacturer’s Warranty)

Extended Warranty Available for Purchase

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 57 × 54 × 23 cm

Round, Elongated