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Portable Bidet, the perfect solution for on-the-go freshness and hygiene. Compact and discreet, this travel-friendly bidet ensures a clean and refreshing experience wherever life takes you. Its ergonomic design and easy-to-use controls make it a breeze to operate, providing a gentle yet effective spray for thorough cleansing.

You can take this portable bidet anywhere – from business trips to outdoor adventures. Say goodbye to disposable wipes and hello to a more sustainable and hygienic option. Upgrade your personal hygiene routine with the convenience of our Portable Bidet, ensuring you feel clean and comfortable wherever you are.





【180 degree and rotary foldable nozzle】
The nozzle spray wand can be folded out to 180 degrees. The portable bidet device can meet your different washing angle needs with the nozzle tip being able to be freely rotated.

【Two modes】
Two-speed buttons; “L” is gentle, “H” is strong. With the press of the button the 60 seconds wash cycle will begin

The portable bidet device has a capacity of 140ml with no need for complex pipe connections.

【Battery powered】
The portable bidet device is operated by two AAA batteries (not included), to bring a more convenient user experience.

The bidet device is only 15.6 x 4.7cm (L x W).It is compact, lightweight, convenient to carry and perfect for travelling or outdoor activities.

The portable bidet device is widely suitable for people of all ages, can be used with cold or lukewarm water with the convenience of feeling clean and refreshed wherever you may go.



Type: bidet device
Quantity: 1pc
Material: ABS + silicone + electric component
Color: Pink
Battery: 2* AAA batteries (not included)
Capacity: 140ml
Waterproof: IPX6
Voltage: 3v
Size: 15.6*4.7cm/ 6.13*1.85inch (L*D)
Weight: 290g/ 10.23oz


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