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Are you looking for a bidet that is versatile enough to suit any disability, visual impairment or cognitive function? Look no further! The Coway BA08 has many additional features that ensure the user is comfortable and stays independent in their toileting needs. This amazing product has a unique remote function that allows the user to simply press one button for the BA08 to wash and dry exactly the same way every time without needing to change additional settings.We also offer additional accessories for this bidet (such as the Tamper Proof Holder and a large 3-Way Control) Bidet Accessories that enhance this experience and help preserve dignity and independence.

The Coway BA08 has been officially weight tested with a SWL of 200kg.


Coway is the number one Bidet manufacturer in South Korea with a long history and experience in toilet hygiene and water purification. Coway is an environmentally conscious and sustainable company that prides themselves on producing the highest quality of products. They have won many awards for their exquisite product designs and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.  This amazing, fully functioned and versatile bidet works perfectly for the entire family.

The Coway BA08 Bidet is the ultimate personal health and hygiene solution, highly recommended due to its incredible engineering. Incorporated in this bidet are the standard features such as heated water, heated seat and heated drier. It also includes some more advanced features such as the One Touch Button, the narrow, medium and wide spray adjustable options and the Air+ button that enables a gentler yet more effective wash. Integrated into this bidet are 2 separate nozzles, one for the rear wash and one for the front wash, to reduce the risk of cross contamination.


The Coway BA08 Bidet has an extra-large, anti-shock, water resistant remote control featuring an LCD display and braille buttons. It can be hand held, mounted on either side of the bidet, on the wall in the Coway provided wall holder or can be used in an additional Bidet Shop One Touch Button Tamper Proof Holder. Bidet Accessories


The Coway BA08 Bidet may be more beneficial than other bidets for individuals that have Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Limited Mobility, Arthritis, Motor Neuron Disease, or may be an Amputee, Visually Impaired or Cognitively Impaired.


We also offer a service of providing a coloured seat for those that may have dementia or Alzheimer’s and have difficulty differentiating colours, please contact us for more information.

NOTE: In order for this bidet to be installed, there must be access to the seat bolts from underneath the toilet

NOTE: When looking at the bidet/ toilet, the 1.5m power lead comes from the RHS and the water pipe comes from the LHS – THIS CANNOT BE CHANGED

Features Description
Additional Features
Remote Control
Extra-large, anti-shock, water resistant remote control which also includes an LCD display and braille buttons. It can be hand held, mounted on either side of the bidet, on the wall in the Coway provided wall holder or can be used in an additional Bidet Shop One Touch Button Tamper Proof Holder
Mini Side Control
Puts some functions in a mini pad on the side of the seat – Power, Rear Wash & Nozzle Cleansing
Moves the nozzle forward and backward in a rhythmic action for a more thorough cleansing and stimulating wash.
A pencil thin stream of soft aerated water is ideal for constipation. Use while trying to pass a bowel movement for the best results.
Narrow, Medium
& Wide Spray
This wide button changes the width of the spray pattern from a narrow to medium or wide spray, similar to your garden hose.
One Touch Button
“Auto Cleanse”
Exclusive! 1 minute wash and 2 minute dry cycle by pressing one button.
Air +
Air bubbles are injected into the water stream to create a soft, gentler feel, all the while giving a 40% better wash.
Standard Features
Heated Dryer
Blows warm air to gently dry you after a wash and offers 3 temperature settings.
Heated Seat
When sitting on the seat it will warm up to the desired temperature and offers 4 different temperature options (no heat + 3 heat settings).
Heated Water
Cleanses with warm water and offers 4 temperature settings (no heat + 3 heat settings) and 4 water pressure settings.
Rear Cleansing
This function is for washing the bottom area only.
Feminine Cleanse
This feature is exclusively for women, to use for their vaginal area.
Fast Heating
When a user activates the seat sensor the water begins to warm up. When the user presses a wash button the water is at the desired temperature before entering the nozzles. If the user is using a commode chair or other accessory, the water will heat when the power or wash button is selected.
This bidet comes with Twin Plastic Nozzles – The Rear/Enema & Feminine wash nozzles (RFE) are separated to enhance hygiene and reduce the risk of cross contamination.
Nozzle Position
The nozzle is adjustable to 5 different positions and should be adjusted to the correct position for washing.
Self Cleansing
Before and after each use of the nozzle, they automatically clean themselves to avoid cross contamination. There is also an additional manual button if they require additional cleaning.
Seat Sensor
The BA08’s Seat sensor as standard is partially turned off in the manufacturing process to enable the bidet to wash without the need for a user to be sitting on it, e.g. if the user uses a commode chair. If turned back on, the moisture activated seat sensor ensures that the bidet functions can not be activated unless the seat is occupied. The seat sensor is located between 3 & 5 o’clock on the toilet seat.
Soft Close Seat
& Lid
Hydraulic dampers installed at the hinges allow the seat and lid to close softly.
The Bidet is made with antibacterial plastic to ensure the highest degree of hygiene & cleanliness.
Power Saving
The Bidet senses when it is not occupied and will automatically go into “power save mode”. This function can be turned off and on.
Water Saving
An average wash uses about a tea cup or two of water.


2 year Limited Warranty

(1 Year Standard Manufacturer’s Warranty + 1 Year Complimentary Parts & Labour Warranty)

Extended Warranty Available for Purchase. Call Now

Extended Warranty Available for Purchase

The Coway BA13B Bidet is compliant with AS 2845.2:1996 Clause 4.2 Minimum Air Gap

All products should be installed by a licensed plumber in accordance with WMTS 051:2016 Bidet Douche Seat.

Plumbers: For Installation Guide please click here



You must ensure that you have a tap on the wall, a powerpoint within 1.5 metres of the toilet, access to seat bolts & a plumber to complete your installation.

For this bidet you MUST have access to the seat bolts from underneath your toilet to attach it. Unlike other bidets it doesn’t have a detached plate that the bidet slots into. This bidet’s plate is attached to the underside of the bidet and is bolted directly onto the toilet.

NOTE: You will need to know if your tap is located on the LHS, RHS or in your cistern when looking at your toilet. You will also need to know if you have access to the seat bolts. This knowledge is required as extra accessories for installation may need to be purchased.

Additional products that may be required:

  • If TAP is on RHS - 1m of ¼” White Pipe and 1x Elbow Kit is required
  • If TAP is in the Cistern - ½” Internal Fitting Kit and 1x Elbow Kit is required
  • If installed with arms/rails & 80mm spacer - Extension Brackets are required


Measurements required in order for a bidet to fit onto your toilet


5 reviews for Coway BA-08

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  1. Des Parr

    Back in July 2008 my wife and I were on a vacation at the Gold Coast and she mentioned to me that she was going to give a surprise birthday present.

    The surprise present turned out to be a COWAY BA-08 Bidet which was the best birthday I have ever received.
    This Bidet served us faithfully for 14 years and when we sold our home we decided to leave our trusty bidet to the purchasers.

    Being one that could not live without a bidet I purchased from the Bidet Shop a new COWAY BA-13BE bidet and it was installed before we moved into our apartment in Perth.
    If you are contemplating buying a Bidet ( I cannot understand why everyone does not have one)
    I can thoroughly recommend the Bidet shop where you will get value and also excellent after sales service.

    Des Parr

  2. Mariitta Lepisto

    I bought this for my elderly dad’s toilet, he loves it, he said he feels so clean after using it as he is 101 years old and finds it hard to bend to wipe, my son had to use his toilet once and ever since then he kept going on about how good it was, so i bought another one for the main toilet and he was right.

  3. George H

    I recently added the Coway BA-08 Bidet to my bathroom, and wow, what a game-changer! The adjustable water pressure and temperature settings make it feel like a personalized spa experience every time.

    Installation was a breeze, and the controls are so simple. I love the wide spray function – no more fuss! I make sure I use the toilet before I go to work, I’d hate to be caught having to use a standard toilet.

  4. Tony

    We bought our Coway bidet in 2015 and it has performed perfectly until a few days ago when a part failed. I contacted The Bidet Shop and explained what had happened and asked for a replacement part as I expected to pay given the age of the product. However they immediately shipped a replacement and did not charge at all. Every dealing I have had with their customer service team has been most helpful and they go the extra mile to support their customers. Highly recommend the product and their service.

  5. Roslyn (Qld)

    I recently assisted an elderly friend with replacing her Conway BA07 to an upgrade to the Conway BA08. The customer service team at the Bidet Shop made the job so much easier. I have never experienced a team who provide such a high level of customer service. She even received the return off payment promptly. I can highly recommend the Bidet Shop.

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