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With its sleek ergonomic structure, the Throne Eco Toilet adds elegance to any bathroom. It has a tankless design that connects straight into the tap, thereby eliminating the large cistern that many modern toilets possess. Royal in its functionality and design, this unique toilet boasts a moisture activated sensor, a comfortable ergonomically heated seat, an LED night light, and automatic flushing.

The Eco Toilet seat has a SWL of 130kg.


Advanced sleek, tankless design with an ergonomic square, comfortable seat. It has a much wider seat than many other integrated toilet suites, which allows for more luxury and relaxation at a time when it is needed most. It has many unique features that have been incorporated into the design of this luxury system such as the siphon water jet technology & tornado flushing. This regal system includes a soft LED night light, intended to light the bowl up for easier use during the night and a heated seat, adjusted to your desired temperature.

This royal toilet suite is a power and water saving device for the economic individual who also appreciates a stylish Throne. This unique integrated system includes automatic flushing using the design of the moisture activated seat sensor. When the individual stands after using the Throne for less than 25 seconds it will flush using a small flush (3L) and when using the Throne for over 25 seconds it will flush with a Large Flush (4.5L). 

NOTE: When looking at the bidet/ toilet, the 1.5m power lead and water pipe come from the back at the RHS – THIS CANNOT BE CHANGED



Features Description
Additional Features
Remote Flush functions are managed from an easy to use, intuitive remote control which can be hand held or mounted on the wall.
Mini Side Control

“Manual Flush”

There is a manual flush button in the event of a power outage.
Night Light The LED light is designed to light up the bowl making it easier to use at night. Can be turned on/off via side control buttons.
Automatic Flushing The Auto Flush is activated via the seat sensor when the user stands up. A small flush of 3L will be used if the seat is occupied for less than 25 seconds. A full flush of about 4.5L will be used when the seat is occupied for over 25 seconds. The Throne series incorporates a tornado flushing system that creates a cyclonic action that rinses the bowl, reducing waste accumulation.
Siphon Water Jet Technology This technology assists with water efficiency by increasing the pressure of the flush.
Standard Features
Heated Seat When sitting on the seat it will warm up to the desired temperature and offers 3 different temperature options.
Seat Sensor The moisture activated seat sensor is incorporated in the design to ensure that the bidet or automatic flushing functions cannot be activated unless the seat is occupied. The seat sensor is located between 3 & 5 o’clock on the toilet seat.
Soft Close Lid

& Seat

Hydraulic dampers installed at the hinges allow the seat and lid to close softly.


The Throne Top is made with antibacterial plastic to ensure a highest degree of hygiene & cleanliness.
Water Saving An average wash uses about a tea cup or two of water. A small flush only uses 3L of water and a large flush uses 4.5L of water.
Power Saving The Bidet senses when it is not occupied and will automatically go into “power save mode”. This function can be turned off and on.
Burn Protection There is a device incorporated to ensure that the user cannot burn themselves via the seat, water or dryer.



You must ensure that you have a tap on the wall, a powerpoint within 1.5 metres of the toilet, 150KPA water pressure (20L per minute), knowledge of your waste trap (S or P) & a plumber to complete your installation.

NOTE: You MUST have a tap on the wall to install this product.

NOTE: When purchasing this product you will need to choose either an S or P Trap base.


A licensed plumber must install this integrated toilet suite in accordance with the Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA) and WMTS 051:2016 Bidet Douche Seats.

Plumbers: For Installation Guide please click here (Link to Product/ Installation Guide already created)



Limited Warranty – 3 Years for Electric Top Unit

Limited Warranty – 5 Years for Ceramic Porcelain Pan

Extended Warranty Available for Purchase


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